What was once thought to be purely science-fiction has become reality, with robots quickly becoming part of everyday life. In the span of a mere three years, the world has seen robotic advancements so remarkable it’s hard to imagine what these innovations will look like in the coming years. Here’s what technological advances we should expect to see in robotics in 2023: 1. Humanoid robots: Roboticists have been developing humanoid robots for decades, but in 2023 we could see some truly remarkable progress in this area. These machines will feature advanced components like motors, sensors and artificial intelligence systems which will enable them to carry out complex tasks and interact with humans more naturally. There are also rumors that they’ll be able to walk and originate different expressions, thus bringing them closer to true humanoid behavior. 2. Bi-directional brain-machine interfaces: This technology would allow humans and machines to communicate with each other more effectively than ever before. By using telemetric signals, these machines will be able to measure and process information about the user’s mental state through EEG readings or neuroimaging data. 3. Autonomous vehicles: Autonomous vehicles will become mainstream by 2023 as advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning and computer vision technologies enable cars to navigate roads without human intervention. Companies such as Uber and Tesla are already making significant progress in this regard. 4. Automation of industrial tasks: Robotics technology has made tremendous advances in automating industrial tasks over the past few years, and this trend is expected to continue in 2023. By leveraging industrial robotic arms and flexible grippers, manufacturers can automate hazardous tasks that used to be done manually, such as welding and material handling. 5. Social robots: Social robots are robots that are equipped with facial recognition, natural language processing capabilities and emotional recognition engines, allowing them to interact with people on a more emotional level than ever before. This technology has been gaining traction in recent years due to its potential applications in customer service robots, home assistants and more. The future of robotics is incredibly exciting as we inch closer towards 2023, with new technological advancements expected every day. With these advancements come both positives and negatives that need to be addressed responsibly by innovators; we must always keep safety a priority when dealing with robotic technology.