In 2023, we can only imagine the technological advances possible in robotics. Over the past decade, robots have been increasingly taking on roles in manufacturing and other industries, and this will likely continue as robots become more capable and autonomous. We are already starting to see big advancements in robot cognition, allowing robots to make decisions on the fly and interact with the world around them. This is having a major impact on many different industries, with robotics being used to automate processes, handle tedious tasks, and even take jobs away from humans. One advancement that may be seen in 2023 in robotic technology is robotic vision. Robots will be able to see their environment using multiple sensors and cameras to identify objects, gauge distances and distances, and track movement. This technology has been steadily improving over the past few years and we can only expect it to become more versatile and sophisticated in the coming years. With such advanced vision, robots will be able to complete complex tasks without any human intervention or supervision. Another advancement that may be seen by 2023 is continued advancement of robotics into industrial applications. As we continue to automate processes such tasks as packing products into boxes or transporting materials, robots are becoming an integral part of all industries. We may also see a rise in autonomous robotic systems replacing the need for humans in certain activities. Autonomous robots would be able to comfortably navigate crowded warehouses or hazardous environments without relying on a human operator. Finally, advances in artificial intelligence are likely to be seen by 2023 as well; AI is rapidly becoming an integral part of robotics and it is likely that robotic capabilities will increase as AI improves. Robotics controlled by AI could be used for performing difficult tasks such as complex surgeries or driving cars on highways with no human input required by 2023. By 2023, it is likely that robotics will play an even larger role in our lives than they do today. Artificial intelligence and robotic vision will help them take on more and more difficult tasks, while advancements in self-driving technology means they could be used in dangerous environments like warehouses and factories. We can only await with anticipation to see what advancements come out of 2023!