Example: “Send us a list of your favorite burger toppings so we can prepare them for you” – imagine an order taken by a restaurant at the end of a busy night in the city near where you live!

It is estimated that there are two billion burgers sold in the world every year and they are so widely consumed – whether in a fast food or homemade burger.

Cheese, beef and other toppings are widely used when it comes to making burgers, fries as well as sandwiches. These cheese, beef and other toppings can easily be found in supermarkets or prepared at home.

The Burger King became one of the first companies to start selling their own private label cheese brand called White Cheddar Cheese Burger. One of the reasons for selling this product was that it was hard to find good quality cheeses for burgers but the company started selling its own branded cheese because it could deliver a better experience for its customers than buying ready-made cheeses from other companies.

A burger is essentially a parcel containing different components. However, there are many ways to put that on a hamburger. One way is to add cheese, which makes it more full-bodied and has a delicious flavor. There are other ingredients such as meat, vegetables or special toppings that can be used in order to give the burger even more flavor and texture.

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Imagine how useful it would be if you could just skip the discussion of meat and vegetables at a fast food restaurant. Imagine how useful it would be if you could just skip the discussion of cheese, double meat and other toppings.

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Cheese and meat are the main ingredients that make a burger. However, to get that cheese and meat taste you need to put lots of other toppings on top of it.