We live in a time where technological advances are taking leaps forward at a breakneck pace every single day. What was once considered the stuff of science fiction is now becoming reality, and robotics are no exception. In 2023, the world is set to be changed forever as robots continue to become increasingly prevalent and sophisticated in our lives. For starters, in 2023 robots will be created that are virtually indistinguishable from humans. By making use of advanced artificial intelligence, facial recognition, 3D printing and machine learning techniques, robots of 2023 will be able to recognize faces and voices, converse fluently and even express human emotion. Such robots will possess the ability to make use of our technology while also learning from their own interactions with the environment from which they can adapt to new situations with minimal guidance or effort. In addition to robotic creations designed to mimic human behavior, 2023 also presents us with developments on the industrial front. In addition to robotic factories and manufacturing plants replacing humans as workers, we will also see more and more companies beginning to use drones for delivery purposes. Drones have already started to prove their worth both economically and in terms of convenience for customers, so by 2023 this trend will only continue to expand past present limits. Such increased usage of drones not only provides faster delivery times but also allows for quick maneuverability in areas that may prove difficult or dangerous for humans. The continued advancements of robotics in 2023 will continue to blur the line between technology and humanity while also providing us with more efficient ways of living. As robotics technology continues to evolve and becomes more commonplace, so too should our understanding of how such technology can create positive impacts on society. The possibilities in the field of robotics are virtually limitless and it is exciting what the future holds!