They can be served with cheese, double meat and other toppings.

A fast food restaurant’s advertising strategy is based on the image that they are selling: delicious burgers, juicy cheeses, crispy vegetables.

In 2015, the annual sales of burgers in China reached approximately 15 billion USD. In the same year, this figure was surpassed by the US. According to the Chinese food chain company KFC, chicken is twice as popular in China than beef and vegetables.

In terms of food composition in China – it’s quite hard to find a single burger that is exactly like American hamburgers. So when it comes to writing your brand’s content for Burger King or McDonald’s in Chinese, most of the time you can’t be sure what your target audience will expect from you – either being an American or a Chinese consumer.

The digital assistant is combining the skills of a writer and the accountant – it provides insight into customer behaviour in order to build campaigns based on this. This enables companies to gain insights into customers that may otherwise not be possible by traditional marketing channels. It also helps them to plan their campaigns with specificity, breadth and depth. It also saves a lot of time for marketers who do not have enough time for researching nor planning new strategies for their brands.

In 2017, the demand for burgers has reached a world record high. The main parts of the burger are: beef, cheese, lettuce, tomato and other toppings.

A new technology called “cheese-onion” is being developed to solve these problems: instead of making a hamburger with one piece of meat and one piece of cheese , it will use two pieces of meat mixed together with onions and cheese to give you a burger that is at least as good as any other burger. Needless to say that the price will be higher than a regular hamburger resulting in fewer burgers sold each year (1st food) and more profits (2nd food) but using this technology provides a huge potential for advertising on TV channels as well as online.

Having lettuce or tomatoes in your burger does not make it healthy; having cheese also does not make it healthy. For example, if you add tomato to your cheeseburger and put some lettuce on top of your cheeseburger, you can be sure that the lettuce will not be good for you because they often contain nitrates and other potentially harmful chemicals. But if you put avocado on top of your cheeseburger – well then.

Burger is a very diverse food. There are many types of burgers available today and another reason for the growing popularity of burgers is cheese.

Cheese can be used as sandwich filling, sauce, or even on its own. And as it is one of the most popular ingredients in many dishes around the world, it can easily be found in almost all types of cuisine. But there’s another reason that makes pizza and hamburgers a very popular food: meat. Cheese will not work well in such meals because they need some other kind of protein to be mixed with it. Meat has more protein per unit than cheese and therefore can be mixed into more dishes without any problems. However there’s an additional complication when you need to add cheese to a burger: beef products use different kinds of beef.